Help us to Support these missions..

For each purchase we will donate 10% to these missions.


There have been times in our lives when we, my husband and

I , were in need and had to rely on the generosity and kindness of people.


         We are Heart attack, Prostate, and Breast Cancer Survivors...

with philanthropic hearts we support these missions:

The American Cancer Society.

The Susan B. Anthony Project which helps promotes safety, healing, and education for all persons of domestic and sexual abuse and advocates for them.

FISH/Friends in Service to Humanity of Northwestern Connecticut mission is to meet the most basic of human needs  food, shelter and hope through support programs, financial donations and the

generosity of volunteers and area residents. We are grateful and always thankful for EMS and Essential care personnel for what they do and their sacrifice. 


     Thank You for helping us support these great causes.

   “Philanthropy is one of the greatest facets of the human heart”   
                              Margit and Michael    

    We named our store for the wonderful Mountain Laurel that is the state flower of Connecticut, the logo was created with the dove and laurel expressing our desire for peace.
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For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed arts and crafts of all kinds. 

   I have enjoyed Doll making, Reborn Doll Making, sculpting, painting, working with clay, drawing, woodworking, crocheting, model building, Image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. I am offering you "modern day" Hobbies to enjoy with your children or as a project for yourself!

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